Youth in Eldama Ravine Urged to Register as Voters.


Youth leaders in Eldama Ravine Sub County have called on youths to register as voters, so as to be able to practice their democratic right of electing leaders come 2022 general elections.

Led by Geoffrey Munyeria, the youth leaders said that there is low turnout of youths registering as voters thus the need to sensitize them to register.

“There is low turnout in the IEBC stations that are registering voters in our Sub County and I would like to call on the youths to register as voters as we near coming elections.” Said Munyeria.

Youth in Eldama Ravine Urged to Register as Voters.

He urged the youths to maintain peace during the campaign period saying that no youth should be used to disrupt peace in the country during the campaign and after the general elections.

“Let us not let our leaders use us to cause chaos, let us be peace keepers, let’s not sell our votes, if they give you money, take the money but make sure you elect leaders that are going to bring development and empower us.” He said.

He also called the youths that do not have identity cards to apply for identity cards so as the be able to register as voters and be able to elect leaders of their choice.

“There are some of us who do not have ID’s I would like to urge them to apply for identity cards, most of them are the youths that did 2020 KCSE last year and have attained the age of 18 years.” He noted.

Youth in Eldama Ravine Urged to Register as Voters.

His sentiments were echoed by Antony Kibet a youth from Benonin, Eldama Ravine Sub County who called on the youths to ensure that they have voters’ card before next general elections.

“Let as register as voters so that we will all elect leaders of our choice to avoiding regretting the leaders that were elected for us by those that have registered as voters already.” He said.

He also cautioned them against being lured to vote for leaders that might not bring change in the County.

“Let us do healthy politics, I know we may not all support one aspirant but that does not mean that we are going to fight. Let us not allow them to divide us based on their political difference.” He added.

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