School principal dons in school uniform to bridge the gap between students and the administration.


As cases of students’ unrest in schools in the country are on the rise, Barwesa Secondary School Principal Wilson Achoko has nothing to worry about thanks to his creativity of donning in full school uniforms.

The principal, who puts on full school uniform Monday to Friday says that the only solution to reduce or end students’ unrest in schools is by understanding the students and opening doors for them so as they can feel free to express their grievances.

The principal said he decided to start wearing school uniform after the school was affected by students’ unrest which led to the burning of girls’ dormitory last year in his school.

“There were some students who were aware of the fire but they never came directly to us. So, I realized that there was a need to bridge this gap between the students and the administration. Many at times, indiscipline happens because of the gap between the administration and the students. When you close that gap, you are able to get information about their problems because when they realize you are listening to them, they open up more.” He said.

Achoko, who has been wearing school uniforms for months now, says the students have become closer to him and that other teachers have started emulating his openness to students since it is helping in bridging the gap between students and the school administration.

“Being close to the students is the main thing that will calm unrest in schools. Many times, the unrest is caused by unhandled grievances, grievances that are not handled in time. The teachers copy how I handle students’ issues. Now, when we hear of student unrests in other schools, we are relaxed because we know if they are having issues, they will come to us before they explode.”

He says the students welcomed his move of donning school uniform, adding that the students are saying he is more approachable now in uniforms.
“When students see that you have come to their level, they feel very happy.” Achoko said.

He added that indiscipline cases in the school have reduced with the school performance going upwards noting that in last year’s KCSE they managed to take 21 students to university and the school emerging among the best performing schools in Baringo North.

He attributed the wave of unrest of students in schools to school heads not addressing students’ grievances in time.

The ministry of Education few days ago was forced announce that students would break for half term starting 18th November following increased cases of students’ unrest in schools.

Adapted From TV 47

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