PRESIDENT UHURU TO DP RUTO: Quit If You Are Tired Or Dissatisfied


President Uhuru Kenyatta has dared his Deputy William Ruto to resign if he is tired or dissatisfied with the government he serves.

In a meeting with the country’s senior editors on Monday, the president noted that he does not know what happened between him and his deputy.

PRESIDENT UHURU TO DP RUTO: Quit If You Are Tired Or Dissatisfied

“He has opposed me he and has been opposing me for reason reasons I don’t know,” said the President.

He asked his deputy to decide whether he wants to stay or not saying that he cannot be in the government and at the time fighting it.

“On one hand you want to sing the praise of the government, and on the other side you are criticizing the same government.” the Head of State noted.

President Kenyatta added that the he has an agenda he must deliver to the people of Kenya and he is not going to deviate his agenda.

“I have an agenda that I was elected on and that work must continue. It would be an honorable thing for him to step aside if he is not happy and allow those who want to move on move on,” the President said.

The President was speaking for the first time after Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process was nullified by the Court of Appeal, he said that the decision by the Court of Appeal was a loss for the country, adding that his Big Four Agenda is still on course and he is consistently following on it and he is going to make sure that he unites Kenyans in the process.

“BBI was one of the progressive agenda we havd and we still have the Big Four Agenda; I have been consistently following and I will continue with the agenda as we have set them rolling,” assured the President.

The rift between the then ‘dynamic duo’ who would appear in same dress code for a press briefing, began after the handshake between the President and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga that later gave birth to BBI, an initiative that the Deputy President criticized consistently making the rift even deeper.

By Faith Jepng’etich.

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