MOGOTIO: Train Local Divers, Community Told


Lembus Mogotio Senior Chief Julius Kangogo has expressed the need to train Mogotio local divers. This comes as Molo river continues to claim lives of many people trying to fetch water, cross the river or children trying to swim in the river.

Speaking during the seventh and the last day of the search of bodies of two boys who were swept away by the raging waters of Molo River water while swimming on Sunday August 15, Kangogo said there are youths living within Mogotio who can swim very well and have helped in rescue and recovery missions and it is important to give them proper and professional trainig to facilitate rescue missions whenever such incidents happen.

MOGOTIO: Train Local Divers, Community Told

“We have completed the search mission and we have found the bodies of the two boys. Cheploch divers from Baringo Central helped us in the search mission with the help of our local divers.” Said the Chief.

Kangogo added that the search mission was delayed due to lack of trained divers in Mogotio and they had to employ divers from Cheploch who carried out the recovery mission.

“We have youth here in Mogotio who can swim but they are not trained , these youths have helped us in other rescue and recovery missions. I urge the County government to train them to avoid delays in rescue and search missions.” the chief reiterated.

The chief further asked parents to warn their children against swimming in the river saying that many children have lost their lives while trying to swing in the river.

“I urge parents not to allow their children to swim in the river, parents let us take our children to swimming pools because the river is not safe and it has claimed lives of many children trying to swim,” pleaded the Chief.

Paul Kipruto one of the local divers in Mogotio asked the County Government of Baringo to facilitate their training, saying that they could help in the rescue missions arguing that they understand the river very well since they come from the area.

“Many people have lost their lives due to delays of rescue missions the County government should train us so as we can help in the rescue and search missions.The County should give us the support we need so that we can help in saving lives.” noted Kipruto.

The bodies of the two boys are being preserved in Eldama Ravine Sub County mortuary as the families begin the burial plans.

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