MOGOTIO: Civil Sevants On The Spot.


Mogotio deputy County Commissioner Albert Mwaringa has warned civil servants found taking alcohol during working hours that strict measures will be taken against them.

Speaking in his office during the launch of Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) in the fight against Sub-Standard illicit and counterfeit drinks in Mogotio, that if going to run for 30 days, the deputy County Commissioner said that there have been reported cases of civil servants found in drinking joints during office hours.

“Civil servants let’s desist taking alcohol during working hours because you will not get any exception treatment.” He said.

Mwaringa noted that two civil servants have been arrest already and the law is going to take its course, adding that they will invoke disciplinary procedures which are very firm and hash to any civil servant found on the wrong.

“If it means writing a bad recommendation we will and the file will decide how the case will be handled, so public servants be clear and do your work diligently.” Mwaringa urged.

He added that the civil servants on the spot are teachers and police officers noting that majority of them have been spotted in drinking joints during working hours insisting that they will be arrested and arraigned in court.

“Sometimes we enforce the law and after making arrest we find out that the majority are our police officers and this is making our work harder, but now we have decided that there is no exception treatment that will be accorded to them.” Mwaringa said.

He noted that disciplinary procedures might be very hash to an extend that one may lose their job.

“Lets us not complicate work for each other and lets us protect our work, I know none of us would like to lose their job because of not being in office during working hours or being drunk at work.” He added.


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