Labour CS Angered by Kenyans Travelling to the Middle East without following Legal Procedures


The Labour CS Simon Chelugui reveealed that majority of the Kenyans being mistreated in the Middle East travelled without following the right legal procedures.

“Don’t expect me to respond in the same brea and gusto with those Kenyans migrating abroad without following any laws and regulations of our country or destination countries. On their own admission, they left Kenya with the hope of greener pastures and better livelihoods.

They did not go through our authorities e.g. National Employment Authority (NEA) or licensed agents who exist to ensure smooth transition to destination countries.

Labor CS Simon Chelugui. Photo : Screenshot during the interview

On arrival, they don’t even notify our missions abroad, instead they use relatives and friends to move around. When they face problems, they start blaming us or destination market.

Majority of them, including Faith and Jerop are not honest. What was their motive, taking a big risk ,traveling and avoiding all authorities, then when thing’s don’t work they resort to social media posts and lamentations.

Labor CS Simon Chelugui. Photo Courtesy

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Government of Kenya and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have an understanding to ensure, safe, ethical and legal recruitment and employment of our people.

But the employees themselves must be compliant with established laws and procedures of each jurisdiction”

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