Kabarnet Residents Decry Toilet Charges at Baringo County Hospital.


Kabarnet residents and human rights activist have expressed their concern over toilet charges at Baringo County Hospital terming it illegal and absurd.

The decision by the management came into effect 8 November after the toilet was renovated and now the patients and their relatives are supposed to pay Sh. 10 to use the toilet.

John Wafula who had visited a patient at the facility, is one of the many people that have had or have been asked to pay for using the toilet within the facility.

“This is an injustice not only to patients but their relatives who visit them. It is unfair. If it was located outside the facility, it would make sense to ask for a payment.” He said.

Kabarnet Residents Decry Toilet Charges at Baringo County Hospital.

Wafula says he was referred to post indicating the amount required before using the toilet when he tried to confront the toilet attendant about the fee.

Wafula added that he was told that the money collected is used in the maintenance and cleaning of the toilets.

“They are taking us for a ride. We are facing hard economic times and even one shilling coin counts.” He added.

Magdalene Cherotich, 52, narrates her experience when she felt the urge to relieve herself at the hospital saying that she was asked to pay Sh. 10 before using the toilet.

“I am disappointed. At my age, I cannot hold urine for a long time,” she said.

Isaiah Biwott, a Baringo based Human Rights Activist condemned the decision by the hospital’s management saying that it is unfair to charge people to relieve themselves and illegal to privatize services inside the hospital.

“This is a public amenity. I do not see the reason why people should be charged. It is double taxation. Cartels have infiltrated inside the hospital and taken advantage of patients,” Biwott said.

According to Chief Officer Health Salome Chelimo the toilet was constructed using hospital welfare money and that the money collected is used for its maintenance.

She added that the money would also be used to buy tissues.

She said the outsiders were using the toilets recklessly, which prompted them to impose the rules.

“We would find dirt and stones thrown inside the toilets, therefore, blocking the system,” she said.

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