Is Gideon Moi’s Presidential Bid a Scheme to Divide Votes in Rift Valley?


KANU boss Senator Gideon Moi might be facing off deputy president William Ruto in the coming general elections.

According to Gideon’s supporters the Former president’s son, is raring for a fight with Ruto and already has assembled technocrats of six members crafting his manifesto.
Ruto has been the Rift Valley politics King since the retirement of the second president late Daniel Moi and Gideon is trying to reclaim the crown.

KANU secretary general Nick Salat , one of Gideon’s confidant said that KANU has decided to file a presidential candidate in the coming elections.

Is Gideon Moi's Presidential Bid a Scheme to Divide Votes in Rift Valley?

The announcement is likely to mark the beginning of the end of One Kenya Alliance that brought together Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, FORD leader Moses Wetangula, ANC boss Musalia Mudavadi and Gideon Moi.

The OKA principals have being disagreeing on the presidential flag bearer since it was formed.

“We as KANU are going to unveil our presidential candidate for 2022 before the end of the month.” Salat said.

Though Salat did not make it clear that it is Gideon, he is the best suited candidate to run for the seat as he has shown interest.

The Baringo Senator could sweep votes from Ruto especially among their common Kalenjin community in Rift Valley.

Former Roads Cabinet Minister Franklin Bett said the senator’s entry is nothing to scare Ruto in the Rift Valley contest.

Is Gideon Moi’s Presidential Bid a Scheme to Divide Votes in Rift Valley?

“The 2022 race is between Raila Odinga and Ruto do not let anyone deceive you that a third person will shake the political landscape.” The former State House Comptroller said.

He noted that Rift Valley has accepted the DP and that Gideon will not threaten the DP’S fortunes in the vote-rich region.

“The ground is with Ruto and if you are not with the wheelbarrow then you will be swept away in Rift Valley,” Bett predicted.

However, Former Eldama Ravine Member of Parliament Musa Sirma said that Rift Valley is strongly supporting the DP. Terming it as a costly gamble for anyone to complete with him for Rift Valley votes.

“In Rift Valley, I can tell you that there will be no contest between Ruto and Moi.

It is a no contest and anybody who wants to try should not even attempt it, I have been a politician for so many years and it is either you are with Ruto in Rift Valley or you want to lose it.” Sirma said.

The politician last month ditched KANU and joined UDA and it was seen as a big blow to KANU chairman’s effort to penetrate Rift Valley.

Adapted from The Star.

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