Tenges Member of County Assembly Silas Tochim has strongly come out to dismiss claims that he was arrested in Nairobi over the weekend and he was set to be arraigned in court on Monday.

Speaking yesterday at Barwesa, Baringo North, Tochim said that the claims making rounds in the social media that he was arrested and detained at Central police station, Nairobi after conning a woman is a propaganda that is propelled by his political rivals.

“I want to confirm to you that I was not arrested and the Tochim they are saying was arrested over the weekend is not me. I am here with you people and I do not know who they are saying is being detained in a police cell.” said Tochim.

Tochim said that his political rivals are using the social media to tarnish his name urging his supporters not to believe such propagandas.

Tenges Member of County Assembly Silas T

“I want to tell them to stop creating and propelling propagandas using social media, they can use the social media to campaign but not to tarnishing other peoples’ names.” said Tochim.

The vocal MCA noted that, that was not the first propaganda created and propelled by his rivals urging the youths not to let anyone use them in creating such propagandas.

“At first, they alleged the I had resigned, I know some of you saw it and I want to condemn such propagandas that are not going anywhere, what will you gain by peddling such lies?” he asked.

He alleged that his worried opponents are using such tactics to bring him down politically since they worried that he might clinch Baringo senatorial seat asking them to up their game.

He also challenged them to come to the ground to hunt for votes instead of using the social media for wrong reasons.

“If you are real leaders, come down to wananchi, social media won’t earn you votes, everyone does not have a smart phone and that is why we should interact with them one on one.” He added.

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