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Get Rid of ‘Moles’ in Your Cabinet, Kamket tells President Uhuru

Get Rid of ‘Moles’ in Your Cabinet, Kamket tells President Uhuru

Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to relook at his government and ensure that he gets rid of the ‘moles’ who instead of fighting the same ‘war’ they ‘shoot from behind’.

Speaking at Katikit in Tiaty during the weekend, MP Kamket said the government has got moles and the president should crack the whip on them immediately.

Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket

“All the moles in the government must be fired immediately; we cannot afford to go to war when people are shooting us from the back.” Noted the MP.

He pleaded with the president to reshuffle his advisors, Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries who facilitated the downfall of the Building Bridges Initative (BBI) arguing that there cannot be two governments in one.

“It is unacceptable to have a section of the cabinet sabotaging the President’s agenda; so I am asking the president to sack the culprits and do it immediately because everyone in the government should be supporting the President and not going against him.” Said Kamket.

The legislator who is also a close friend to KANU chairman Gideon Moi vowed to take BBI battle to Parliament expressing his dissatisfaction with court of appeal Friday ruling.

“Those ideas shall come back I am pleading with Kenyans not to give up on BBI. Let’s follow the law if the court has decided let’s respect their decision but the ideas still remain with us.” noted Kamket.

He added that their main objective is to see BBI come to pass in the next government they are going to form.

“I believe we shall form the next government because we are the majority and we as the proponents of change shall forever cherish and push those reforms until they are achieved that is our objectives.” Insisted Kamket.

Kamket is among the lead campaigners of BBI in the Rift Valley; at some point during the popularization of the initiative, the first term MP was quoted saying BBI would end up as a political party that would form the next government.

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