ELDAMA RAVINE: Prison Officer Commits Suicide


A prison warder attached to Eldama Ravine Prison has committed suicide in his house in Eldama Ravine under unclear circumstances. The late Cyrus Cherutich is suspected to have taken his life due to mental illness.

While confirming the incident, Eldama Ravine Prison Superintendent Francis Kimani said he received the report early Wednesday morning and preliminary reports indicate the officer may have committed suicide due mental illness, a condition he has been managing for some time.

ELDAMA RAVINE: Prison Officer Commits Suicide

“The officer was suffering from mental illness, a situation that led him to using drugs and alcohol. We suspect the mental problem could have been the cause of the suicide though he had undertaken rehabilitation as recommended by the prison wellness committee.” Note Kimani.

Until his demise, the officer was due to report to Kabarnet Prisons having requested to be transferred to a station nearer home.

“So yesterday he was to report to his new station in Kabarnet but it is unfortunate that he decided to commit suicide.” Added the superintendent.
Kimani urged prison officers to take advantage of the wellness committee saying that it is meant to help them in matters mental illness.

“We have wellness committee that is taking their problems at hand and they are being assisted so there is no reason for them at all to commit suicide.” Noted Kimani.

Kimani hinted that they have taken 12 officers to the rehabilitation Centre and majority of them are doing very well.

“I don’t see the reason for an officer to commit suicide, we even contribute to those that have gone to a point of not having anything to eat.” Said Kimani
He further asked his officers to avoid taking a lot of loans saying that it is one of the major causes of mental illness among his officers.

The fatal incident comes in the wake of the rising cases of suicide that have been attributed to mental health, something that many organizations have raised concern.

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