Effects of Covid on Churches and Places of Worship

Effects of Covid on Churches


The Covid-19 pandemic which is still a worry to entire world because for having no cure and an effective has been termed by religious groups especially Christians and Muslims as a wrath of God.

Since the viral disease spread through entire world from December 2019, when it was first discovered in Wuhan, China, activities in religious organizations were completely paralyzed especially in a country like Kenya whereby they were closed completely after the first case was confirmed in March 2020.

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The closure of the churches mosques and other places of worship became a great challenge towards their operations because they were unable to raise revenue since they relied on contributions like church offerings and tythes which were used to foot bills like water and electricity plus wages of workers especially pastors, security guards and grounds men.

As a result of closure of churches, most activities like weddings amongst their congregants had to be postponed hence inconveniencing new couples and recreation, maybe.

A number of other church activities like baptism ware also greatly affected by the spread of the ‘invisible enemy’.

Muslim faithfuls were unable to enjoy celebrations like Idd because the health protocols barred them from congregating in their places of worship as it had been the norm.

Due to night curfews and lockdowns, religious activities which were normally held at night were paralyzed and the faiths had to stay at home as a continent measure to control spread of coronavirus.

Both Easter, Christmas and new year festivities were not celebrated with the usual pomp and colour because of the limitations brought by the Covid-19 rules which limited number of people attending such services.

On the flipside, however, most churches in urban areas of Baringo like Kabarnet and Eldama Ravine adapted to the drastic changes immediately by startin online church services brodcasted live on Social Media platforms like YouTube and Facebook; something most of them have sustained over the past nine months even as the spread of deadly virus continues to subside.

As Covid-19 continue to ravage the world’s population, it is the prayer of religious communities that the deadly viral disease will soon disappear South at they get humble time for worship.

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