DP RUTO: Shift Conversations to the Common MWananchi and the Economy


Deputy President William Ruto has expressed the need to sensitize Kenyans to vote for people with progressive agenda rather than personalities and ethnic groupings.

The DP who was during a press briefing in Naivasha after a two-day closed-door meeting with a section of leaders and professionals drawn from Western Kenya, said that it is their intentions to change the norm in voting from the focus on personalities and to voting for a progressive agenda.

“That is why this engagement today has brought together of different people at different levels for a very long time our country has been held hostage to voting for a personality we want to liberate our country from the bondage of personality cults to the freedom of voting for agenda and development,” said DP Ruto.

DP RUTO: Shift Conversations to the Common MWananchi and the Economy
Deputy President William Ruto

The DP said his economic team met the delegation from the four Counties Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega and Vihiga and discussed on economic crisis in the Western region of the country and the unemployment among the youth.

“We promised the country a few months ago that it was our intentions to change the conversation. The political discos in our country should be moved away from ethnicity and leaders to the economy and common people,” noted Ruto.

Ruto cited that his conversation will revolve around the economy and the common wananchi noting that it is important to raise the economy of the country and create more employment for the youths.

He added that bottom-up economic model is backed by bottom-up governance model.
“Our conversation is about how we are going to create a nation that is going to give equal opportunities to every citizen but not a few individuals in the government or how connected you are,” said Ruto.

He added that the youth are represented in the economic conversation and they are at the Centre and must occupy the largest part.

“I am persuaded that the country is ready for this conversation I want to invite all Kenyans to this conversation even those opposing are invited they are still part of this conversation because they will enrich and inform this conversation.” Added Ruto.

He also said that if the economy of this country is restored unemployment among the youths and debts will be sorted.

“If youths get jobs, they will pay fair share of their taxes and we will build our economy,” noted the DP.

Former Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale backed the DP saying that trickle down economic approach has not worked since independence and it is time to embrace the bottom-up economic model.

“We are going to change this in the ballot paper the agenda of our people will be in the ballot paper. We are going to work together, campaign together and raise the economy of our country together,” insisted Khalalwe.

Kimilili Member of Parliament Dismas Barasa on his end who spoke on behalf of elected leaders present in the meeting said that they have not benefit from the personalities they have been electing and it is time to vote for an agenda.

“For the first time since independence Kenyans are going to vote a platform, an agenda that is going to empower their economic lives to the next level. We have not benefited from the people we have been supporting and we will completely participate in building the party United Democratic Alliance (UDA),” said the MP.

By Faith Jepng’etich

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