Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Baringo South

Baringo Rhino Charge 2021: The Charge That Came To Bee

Baringo Rhino Charge 2021 – As many of the “chargers” begin to stream back home and recollect on a weekend gone by, we look back at Rhino Charge 2021

Rhino Charge 2021 held in Sabor, Baringo South Raises Sh140M

Rhino Charge 2021, the annual off-road charity motorsport event that targets to raise funds for forest conservation, has raised over Sh140 million

Residents of Baringo Shocked as Python Appears after the Burial of a Snake Charmer

A mourning snake. That is what the puzzled family of an old man who died last month in Baringo North has concluded.

Five killed, livestock stolen in Kerio Valley revenge attacks

Five people have been killed one seriously injured while an unknown number of livestock has been stolen in retaliatory attacks between two pastoral communities

22 Cows Die Mysterious In Marigat, Baringo County

Livestock in Marigat Sub- County are counting losses after 22 of their cows died under mysterious circumstance while grazing in the fields.

Baringo Residents Still Trek Miles to Reach Health Centres

Chepukugho Natim, 40, sat 200 metres from where dozens of other patients waited for help pensively holding a sweater, the only reminder of her deceased son.

BARINGO SOUTH: Former County Council Chairman Ordained a Reverend

Richard Chepkaitany Chebon, the former Chairman to the defunct County Council of Baringo has been ordained as a reverend.

Baringo County Confirms 400 Covid -19 Cases

According to the County Government of Baringo, Covid -19 Cases have been reported as at 9th April 2021

A Brave Performance to Save Rothschild’s Giraffe

4 more Ruko Giraffes have been rescued from a disappearing island in Lake Baringo

Ng’ambo Primary School Submerged in Water in Baringo County

Now the school's history of fading away and chances of it bein recovered are approaching none. It was in October 2019 when the first imminent flooding was experienced in the school after River Perkerra broke its banks.

Latest news

BARINGO NORTH: Government asked to Apply the same Tactics Used in Laikipia to Flash Out Bandits in Baringo

Baringo North parliamentary aspirant Tokei Nyitore has lauded the government for the swift response to Laikipia skirmishes caused by banditry attacks.

Is Gideon Moi’s Presidential Bid a Scheme to Divide Votes in Rift Valley?

KANU boss Senator Gideon Moi might be facing off deputy president William Ruto in the coming general elections.


The Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai has said that normalcy has been restored in areas that were affected by clashes in Laikipai County


Kigen Kiptoo a 13 year old boy has amazed many in Tabare Village, Eldama Ravine Sub County with his skills of making guitars.

Leaders Call for Millitary Intervention in Laikipia Skirmishes

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i is expected to announce changes in security management in Laikipia County to quell the ongoing skirmishes in Laikipia.
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