Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Baringo HOT SEAT, Road to 2022

As we approach general elections, Baringo Gubernatorial seat is becoming a hot a cake and more suitors wants the cake all for themselves.

Analysis: Tricky Affair for William Ruto as He Tries to Shed Tribalist Tag ahead of 2022 Polls

Deputy President William Ruto has been working hard to rebrand himself as a national leader who believes in inclusivity.


Politicizing of Covid-19 also caused a section of Kenyans not to cooperate in the fight against the spread of the pandemic

Effects of Covid on Churches and Places of Worship

A number of other church activities like baptism ware also greatly affected by the spread of the 'invisible enemy'.

Response to COVID-19 in Kenya 10 Months on, Impressive?

The successful fight against Covid-19 was also made possible through widespread sensitizations through state and non-state agencies, establishment of isolation centres and quarantine facilities in all the 47 counties plus all the border entry points like Busia and Namanga which connects with Uganda and Tanzania respectively.

LIVING WITH COVID-19: Personal Responsibility Key to Slowing the Spread

The much-anticipated announcement by President Kenyatta on the country’s fate following severe restrictions of movement directives issued in March this year to...

TOURISM IN BARINGO: A long Term Strategy Needed to Spur the Sector #Opinion

Tourism is a big business globally. In Kenya it is one of the key sources of foreign exchange, with the country earning...

THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS: Establishing a Legal Framework Will Attract Valuable Partners

“Most farmers along the Kerio Valley usually plant without fertilizer. Once they are introduced to it, production in the area will double and thereby improve food security,” he added.

THE IRONY OF POVERTY AMID PLENTY: Value Addition in Livestock Farming Key to Improved Livelihoods

So what is the problem here? How come Baringo features prominently in cattle and beehive ownership yet its people do not feel the impact?

THE SAD TALE OF SALAWA GINNERY and the Missing Link to its Revival

By mid 90s, the government was feeling the weight of non-performing parastatals. It decided to privatize them and many were sold, including Salawa Ginnery, which went to some local investors. The investors, however, did not seem to be keen on reviving it, so it laid fallow until 2009 when another investor, Rift Valley Products, reportedly secured a long term lease, but it too, has sadly fizzled out. What had become a source of hope for many and the pride of the community slowly turned into disuse and in time went silent.

Latest news

BARINGO NORTH: Government asked to Apply the same Tactics Used in Laikipia to Flash Out Bandits in Baringo

Baringo North parliamentary aspirant Tokei Nyitore has lauded the government for the swift response to Laikipia skirmishes caused by banditry attacks.

Is Gideon Moi’s Presidential Bid a Scheme to Divide Votes in Rift Valley?

KANU boss Senator Gideon Moi might be facing off deputy president William Ruto in the coming general elections.


The Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai has said that normalcy has been restored in areas that were affected by clashes in Laikipai County


Kigen Kiptoo a 13 year old boy has amazed many in Tabare Village, Eldama Ravine Sub County with his skills of making guitars.

Leaders Call for Millitary Intervention in Laikipia Skirmishes

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i is expected to announce changes in security management in Laikipia County to quell the ongoing skirmishes in Laikipia.
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