Campaign Peacefully but not in Funeral Services Baringo Leaders Urged


Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has called on Baringo residents keep peace and order as we approach 2022 general elections.

The senator called on leaders not to incite residents or use abusive language while campaigning noting that it is the wananchi to decide who to elect.

Speaking in Solian, Eldama Ravine Sub County at the Funeral Service of the late Councilor Mzee Amdany Kipturgo and his wife Agnes Kipturgo, KANU boss called on aspirants to present their manifestos to wananchi and let them decide on whom they want.

“Let’s sell our agenda to them and let’s not incite them if they elect you it’s okay, if they don’t their is always a next time.” Said the Senator.

He added that Baringo should remain peaceful even after the general elections noting that they all belong to Baringo County.

“You all know we all belong here, and no one is going anywhere even after the coming polls. Let’s keep peace.” He added.

He also drummed up support for his presidential bid in the coming elections.

On his part Baringo County Boss Stanley Kiptis warned leaders against campaigning in funeral services saying that leaders should be joining the mourners mourn and not using the platform to do their campaigns.

“I want to tell you it is very inhuman for us to do our campaigns while people are mourning. Family members are very vulnerable at this moment and the least we can do is to give them a shoulder to lean on. It is against our culture to do campaigns where people are mourning.” Said the governor.

Kiptis called on leaders from Baringo County and the residents to pray for the County saying that many people are losing their lives.

“The rate at which people are dying in this County is worrying let’s pray for this County and pray for each other. I know of a village where we have burryied ten people in three months.” Said the County CEO.

He also called on the residents to take Covid-19 vaccines saying that the County government has made it available in nearly every village.

“People are dying of Covid-19 yet the government has given us vaccines, let us go for the vaccines and stop listening to myths surrounding it. We as your leaders have taken it and we are fine. Go get vaccinated.” He urged.

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