Baringo Women Rep Urges NGOs to help Fight against GBV, FGM and Poverty


Baringo County Member of Parliament Gladwell Tungo has called on Non-Governmental Organisations to help in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Female Genital Mutulation (FGM).

Speaking in Soin Ward Nakuru County during the 10th anniversary of Dandelion, Tungo said that gender based violence cases are on the raise and the victims are not reporting the perpetrators fearing that it could land them more problems.

“Men are beating their wives and women are beating their husbands, some are abused physically, mentally and emotionally but they fear to report their husbands because fear that they could be assaulted or being abused more.” she said.

She added that the locals should be educated about gender based violence and legal processes saying that many die in the dark.

“Some commit suicide due to gender based violence, studies shows that the Tugen in Kalenjin Community are the leading in committing suicide because they are very conservative. They choose to commit suicide instead of speaking up.” Noted Tungo.

She hinted that FGM is another outdated cultural practice is hailing our community and asked men to join the fight against FGM .Arguing that if the men join the fight, FGM will come to end.

“Men join us in the fight against FGM, I have done a lot of campaigns against it with women and young girls and it has not bore fruits because the pressure comes from you.” Stated the Women Representative.

She said that NGOs play a very important role in the society in the fight against GBV and FGM, decrying the small number of NGOs in Baringo and Nakuru Counties and urged CSOs to let more NGOs into the Counties.

“We have not benefited very much with NGOs, we do not have enough NGOs in our County, we depend on our leaders to help us. In Western and Eastern Kenya there are a lot of NGOs that are helping the locals on matters GBV and FGM.” Added the legislator.

She asked leaders to empower youths for a better future for our country urging the youths to invest in the blue economy citing that the government does not have enough job opportunities.

“Let’s empower our youths there are no jobs and blue economy is the way to go, the population is growing faster compared to resources.” Noted Tungo.

She stated that she has started an initiative called Second Chance Program where she takes girls back to school after giving birth, she said that more than 300 girls have benefited from the initiative.

“It is important than our girls go back to school after giving birth because having a child does not mean it is the end. We should empower the girl child for the benefit of the society.” Insisted the Leader.

She urged the society not to forget the boy child while empowering the girl child saying that it is important that we have a balanced society. She noted that boys are also dropping out of school and are going through unaddressed issues.

“We should also not neglect the boy child in the process of empowering girls, if we keep talking about girls empowerment and forget the boy child who is going to marry our girls? Don’t we want them to be married by successful men?” Asked the women Rep.

She urged the youths to also embrace online jobs and jobs she warned them against giving their certificates to political leaders in the hope of securing them employments.

“Apply jobs online stop giving your papers to politicians they won’t help you.” Said Tungo.

She also pleaded with the youths not to be used by politicians to in the coming general elections urging them not to be divided by politics and that they should remain united even after 2022 polls.

“Politics should not divide us, we should continue peacefully as we have always been, our political difference does not make us enemies we dine with our political rivals after rallies. There is life after 2022 and God knows who is going to be the president. Please do not take politics to heart.” Pleaded Tungo.

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