Baringo Governor Urges Parents not to Hide their Children with Special Needs


Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis has stated that the major causes of disabilities among Baringo residents are Snake bites, motorbike accidents and illicit brew.

The governor noted that 18,000 people are living with disabilities in Baringo County and Tiaty is leading with more than 5,000 people.

Speaking during the launch of Cash Transfer, NHIF funds and donation of 50 wheelchairs at outside his office ,the County boss said that many people are living disabilities in his County due bites from poisonous snakes.

“Most of our people were not born with disabilities in their bodies but they are now living with disabilities due to snake bites from dangerous and poisonous snakes.” Noted the governor.

Baringo Governor Urges Parents not to Hide their Children with Special Needs

He added that the County has started a research Centre where they are going to milk venom to reduce the number of people getting disabilities due to snake bites.

Kiptis urged motorbikes riders to ride carefully citing that, many cases of motorcycle accidents have been reported in the County and many people have lost their lives due to the accidents and some are living permanently with disabilities they got from the accidents.

“Our youths should be careful while riding this motorbikes because these motorbikes are dangerous and you should be careful while riding them to avoid accidents.” Kiptis insisted.

Kiptis condemned parents who are hiding their children born with disabilities urging the administration to ensure that no child living with disability is hidden. Kiptis added that it is important for the County to identify and record them in the County’s database.

“You should not hide your children with special needs, you should love and take good care of them. They should be benefiting from support programs like this, they are not a bad omen to us and we should embrace them.” Said Kiptis.

The Chief Officer of Gender, Youth and Sports Gladys Kiseku said that 250 people with special neds benefited from cash transfer programme, NHIF and 50 people got wheelchairs that is going to easy their movement.

“We are in talks with partners to ensure that a large number of people living with disabilities benefit from this programme.” Kiseku said.

She also urged the locals to ask for more funds allocation for people living with disabilities during public participations forums saying that many people do not know the need of allocating more funds to the docket of people living with special needs.

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