BARINGO: 3 Kilos, 3 Pairs of Shoes and 354Km Down


Baringo Former Chief lost 3 Kgs of body weight during his 354 Kilometers charity walk from Baringo to Nairobi.

Retired Kimoso Assistant Chief, Joseph Malatit was walking to compel the government to complete the construction of the stalled Kabarnet Stadium that was initiated seven years ago.

“I was 76 Kgs before I started the walk. I lost 3 Kilos throughout my journey on foot from Baringo to Nairobi.” He said.

Noting that his trek had nothing to do with physical exercise but it was a purely a patriotic cause to reclaim the glory of the only Stadium in Baringo County.

BARINGO: 3 Kilos, 3 Pairs of Shoes and 354Km Down

He reached Nairobi on Monday, he said that he could take chapati with tea every morning before he could embark on his mission and four litres of water mixed with honey during the day to gain energy through the scorching sun.

He noted that two pairs of shoes were worn out on the rough and hilly roads of Baringo-Nakuru highway.

“The tarmac road between Nakuru and Baringo was rough and hilly,” he said.

Chebii cited that on Thursday, he encountered baboons between Gilgil and Naivasha a 21km-stretch thanking God that he did not encounter dangerous wild animals.

BARINGO: 3 Kilos, 3 Pairs of Shoes and 354Km Down

“A troop of naughty baboons pursued me for a kilometre. Luckily, I didn’t encounter dangerous animals like leopard, hyena or lion,” he said.

He added that traffic police officers kept encouraging him to pursue his mission and assured him of his safety along the high way.

“Though the journey was tiresome, traffic officers kept telling me to keep going, the road ahead of you is clear and safe.”

The 61 year old man said that he enjoyed the journey and did not encounter any hostile people along the way.

“The people I met were so friendly and most of them supported me some offered water and some gave me cash to sustain me throughout the journey, while some took photos with me.” Narrated the Old man.

Malalit is looking forward to meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House Nairobi and National Olympic Committee of Kenya president Paul Tergat who also comes from Baringo County.

He urged leaders from the National and the County government to join hands and raise funds to complete and equip Kabarnet Stadium.

Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui, who comes from Baringo, urged leaders and Kenyans, on Saturday to support Chebii’s initiative.

“I appeal to my fellow leaders from the National and the County government to listen to Mzee Malalit and see how we can address the issue.” Said Chelugui.

Construction of Kabarnet stadium was initiated in 2014 by Baringo first governor Benjamin Cheboi and it has stalled since then.

The stadium now is den of illicit brew and a perching ground for love birds and it is littered with bottles of liquor and condoms.

The trenches dug around the field has claimed the life of one person, another injured and a number of animals have fallen in died.

Adapted from Star Newspaper.

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